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Golf Academy

Stephen Dundas

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The Pestovo Golf Academy prides itself on upholding the traditions of the game whilst embracing the latest technology to help and improve all students.

Our PGA qualified staff leave no stone unturned in finding out how to improve our students and how to make them feel like they are at home.

Apart from the vast knowledge of the staff our biggest asset is the relaxed and intimate learning environment that has been created by the Director of Golf Stephen Dundas.

Stephen is a former British Amateur champion, he has played in many tour events including the British Open and US Masters. He has played and worked at some of the best clubs in the world and has used his 25 years’ experience in golf to help create a golfing experience at Pestovo that is admired throughout the golfing community.

The Pestovo Golf Academy is much more than a place to come and improve your golf, we build relationships with our members, we get to know what they like and don’t like. We offer a concierge style service that includes booking golf trips, winter training camps and many other services.

We look forward to seeing you at the academy, getting to know you a little better and most importantly improving your game!

Happy Golfing!

golf club professionals

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Galina Rotmistrova

1995 started at the Junior Golf Academy at Moscow Country Club

2007 Graduated from the Russian State University of Physical Culture Sports and Tourism

2002-2012 Represented Russian golf team in international golf tournaments as an amateur

2012-2014 Participated in tournaments of  the Ladies European Tour (LET and  LETAS)and worked with world experts such as:

-Sean Foley-No.2 on Golf Digest's list of America's Top 50 Teachers who is currently teaching PGA Tour players Hunter Mahan and Justing Rose and has also worked with Tiger Woods, Lee Westwood and others

-James Leitz, PGA Professional, one of the worlds experts on ball-flight analysis, and 3D technology, member of the top 100 teachers of America and top 100 club fitters

- David Orr, PGA Professional-specializes in putting and has worked with over 50 touring professionals worldwide including Justin Rose, Hunter Mahan Cheynne Woods etc

2015 worked as a golf coach at the Moscow City Golf Club and at the Agalarov Golf and Country Club Junior Athlete Golf Academy

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Ivan Tsitsagi

Started play Golf in 2001 at the Academy of the Moscow city Golf Club.

Multiple champion of Moscow on the golf.

The champion of Russia on a Golf among Juniors.
Champion Faldo Series Russia Championship.
Candidate master of sport in Golf.
In the 2016-2017 year worked as club coach in the Golf Plaza.
From 2017 began to work as an Assistant Golf Director at the Golf and Yacht Club "Pestovo".
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Maria Efimenko

- Started playing golf in 1997 in Moscow City Golf Club;

- Won World Youth Games (Moscow, 1998) and Moscow Golf Cup (2000);

- In 2001 came to practice to Moscow Country Club with the National Team coach Igor Ivashin;

- Was the member of Russian National Golf Team from 2003 to 2010;

- Started teaching juniors in Golf Academy in MCC. Almost all of them continue playing golf and some of them join Moscow and Russian National Golf Teams;

- In 2007 took part in Summer Universiade in Bangkok;

- In 2008 graduated from Moscow Aviation University and started studying in Russian Physical Education University;

- Won individual and team cups in World University Games (Milano, 2009 and Valencia, 2010);

- In 2010 started teaching 75 juniors in Olympic Research Golf School in Kurkino, Moscow Region;

- In 2012 started studying Professional Golf in the University of Birmingham (United Kingdom) and started working in Pestovo Golf and Yacht Club

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Alexey Andreyanov
In 2013 he began his job as a Caddy at the Golf and Yacht Club "Pestovo".
In 2015 the next stage of development was working in a Pro shop, where Alex underwent a full training at the selection of Golf clubs and a personal approach to each player.
From 2016 began its training in RGUFK on the specialty Golf trainer. 
In 2016 became Caddy-master in Pestovo, collecting a team Caddies of 20 people and began teaching them the rules, etiquette and nuances of the game of Golf.
At the beginning of 2017 was trained replacement grips for all types of clubs. At the moment he is actively play Golf and plans to become an assistant Golf Director.

For booking Ńaddy, you can address by phone: 
+7 (926) 654-25-73 Aleksey Andreyanov
or at the reception of the Club house.

Academy golf

Pestovo Golf Academy uses tried and tested methods whilst utilizing the latest video and computer technology. Pestovo Golf Academy has the following facilities

  • 350 meters Practice fairway
  • Two USGA specified chipping greens with bunkers, one large putting green
  • 4 covered baize
  • 2 classrooms complete with golf simulators, launch monitors and swing analysis software

The combination of advanced technology, exceptional professionalism and a desire to offer the best service means Pestovo Golf Academy is the perfect golfing and learning environment for you to reach your potential.

Golf Professional tips

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    Golf Professional tips for June

    THE FRIED EGG or plugged ball in the bunker gives most amateur golfers nightmares but with some simple adjustments it should be so difficult to at least get the ball out of the bunker.

    Below are 4 key adjustments that will help you get the ball out of the bunker every time.

    Normal Vs Plugged Lie

    Starting Position

    In pic 1, this is the standard set up position of the club to play a normal bunker shot.

    In pic 2 you can see that I have closed the club more and the club head is placed further behind the ball. This is because I need to make contact more before the ball when it’s a plugged lie.


    Normal Vs Plugged lie


    You will see in pic 3 the position I get into for a normal bunker shot.

    In pic 4 you can see that my backswing is more upright or vertical. To get the ball out of the bunker from a plugged lie this is essential.

    Normal Vs Plugged lie


    In pic 5 you can see that I make contact quite close to the ball.

    In pic 6 I am making contact much more before the ball.

    What we cannot see from the pictures is the speed of the swing. To get the ball out of the bunker from a plugged lie we need to swing the club much faster and more aggressive.

    Recap for playing plugged lie.

    • Close the club more
    • Make the backswing more upright
    • Swing faster and more aggressively
    • Make contact more before the ball

    If you do the above im sure you will have more success getting out of this difficult situation.

    Happy Golfing

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    Golf Professional tips for May

    I'm sure you have all seen golf on the TV, the man or the lady professional who is not very tall but can hit it 280 meters.

    One of the main reasons how the pros are able to hit it so far is they start in a good position (Picture 1)

    and they always have at least 80% of their weight on their left side at impact (Picture 4)

    One of the biggest mistakes I see with amateur golfers is they try to help the ball up into the air. When they do this they get 70% of their weight on their right foot (Picture 2).

    This causes you make contact before the ball, hit the top of the ball, lose power and can cause severe back, leg and elbow pain.

    To help you make better contact, hit the ball further and prevent injury very simply put a tee approximately 5-10cm in front of the ball, get in a good starting position and then swing and try and make contact with the tee. (Picture 3)

    Picture 4- Look at how my weight is on my left side and I have made contact with the ball and the teens gone.

    If you can do this I guarantee you will make much better contact, hit the ball further and prevent injury.

    I hope 2016 is a great golf season for you all!

    Happy Golfing!

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    Short Game Imagination

    The short game is considered by many to be an art, something you need feel for, something you need lots of imagination for, something you need to be creative with!

    It’s no coincidence that the two best short game players in the world have all of the above. They are the late Seve Ballesteros and the very old Gary Player. Both players had great imagination, great feel and great creativity allowing (ďîçâîë˙ţůčé) them to play many different kinds of shots with different clubs!

    The big question is what if I don’t have these skills? What can do to help me become more creative and to have a better imagination?

    The answer is simple.

    Practice using a table!

    When something is obstructing us it forces us to think differently, do I go under the table? Do I go over the table? This helps you see a shot, imagine a shot you want to play before you hit it.


    Go under the table!

    Choose a 8 or 9 iron and try and hit the ball under the table, if you can’t do this then try a 6 or 7 iron. This is a great way to practice your chip and run shots!


    Go over the table!

    Choose your sand wedge or the most lofted club you have and practice hitting shots over the table. You will see that the ball will stop quite quickly!

    This is not only a fun way to practice but it is a great way to help you develop great feel, great imagination and great creativity.