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  • Dec 31, 2017 Golf season 2018

    Dear Club Members, 
    please note that the grid is subject to changes.

    May 12 - Season Opening"
    June 2  - Junior Pro Am
    June 23-24  - President's Cup
    July 14 - Cocktail Party
    July 21-22  - Club Championship
    August 10 - Pestovo vs SKOLKOVO
    August 11 - Pestovo vs SKOLKOVO
    August 18 - Pestovo vs Agalarov
    August 19 - Agalarov vs Pestovo
    September 8 - Cup Family
    September 22 - Final Swing
    For further questions, please contact the front Desk of the Club house:
    Phone: +7 495 739-20-20 
    Fax: +7 495 739-24-00



    Dear Club Members,
    Winter is a great time to get in shape and prepare for a new Golf season. This is a unique time to work out all components of Your technique and will soon Shine on the Golf course.



    For 9 years I organized a camp of this kind and can proudly announce that all golfers who trained improved their handicaps.
    This winter, my main base is Barcelona, Spain. There are many beautiful fields with good conditions for training. Also, we can arrange travel to Kashkin, Turkey, the Dominican Republic and Marbella.
    For all your questions You can contact me by e-mail or in the Golf Academy.
    Stephen Dundas


  • Jul 8, 2017 Cocktail party


    Dear Club Members,
    We are pleased to invite everyone to experience the fairytale story with us.
    Will be a Great tournament, lots of flowers and beautiful evening program.

    To register for the tournament by phone reception at the Club house.

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